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All solicitors must register
at the City Clerk’s office.

A fee of $50/day, $250/month and $750/year is charged per person.” License Permit Application

800 Washington Street
Mendota, IL 61342


We are serious about providing quality jobs and increased retail opportunities for Mendota residents. That’s why we offer the following local incentive programs to assist great businesses considering locating or expanding in Mendota. To discuss which programs your business might be eligible for, please contact Mendota’s Department of Community and Economic Development at 815-538-4047.

For an application, please contact the City of Mendota:

Phone: 815.539.7459
Fax: 815.538.7029
Email: mendotacity@comcast.net


Tax Increment Financing (TIF) is a mechanism for local governments to stimulate economic development or redevelopment. In a TIF district, taxes generated from new investment are captured and invested back into the area to promote development. TIF can be used as a tool to attract new businesses or help existing businesses expand without tapping into general revenue funds or raising taxes.


  • Land acquisition
  • Demolition
  • Rehabilitation or repair of existing buildings
  • Job training programs
  • Relocation costs
  • Studies, surveys and plans
  • Qualified interest costs
  • Professional services such as architectural, engineering, legal, marketing and financial planning

Mendota TIF map

For an application, please contact the City of Mendota:
Phone: 815. 539-7459
Fax: 815.538.7029
Email: EMcConville@mendotacity.com

Enterprise Zone
Mendota Enterprise Zone has ended.
However, UIRVDA Enterprise Zone may be available.

Certain areas within Mendota are within an Enterprise Zone that offers a number of benefits to companies locating within this designated area. Some of these benefits are summarized below.

Property Tax Abatement — 50% for 5 years
The local government and other taxing districts have agreed to provide an abatement of their portion of real estate taxes, which normally would have been assessed, for eligible industrial or commercial projects. This abatement is calculated on the "increased assessment" amount beginning with the tax year in which the new, increased assessment amount would be levied.

Sales Tax Exemption —
A combination of state and local sales tax exemptions for a total of 6.5% on all construction materials purchased for a project.

Investment Tax Credit
This allows a 0.5% credit against the state income tax for investments in machinery, equipment and real property located in the Zone.

Employment Tax Credit
This allows a business a $500 credit on Illinois Income Tax for the business for each eligible job created in the zone.

Building Permit Fee Waived

Sewer and Water Tap Fee Waived

Phone: 815. 539-7459
Fax: 815.538.7029
Email: emcconville@mendotacity.com


Mendota has a Revolving Loan Fund (RLF) program offering an attractive interest rate (currently 5%) with reasonable terms for eligible projects. This loan was established with Community Development Assistance Program (CDAP) funds to spur job creation and/or retention. One full-time equivalent job must be created or retained for every $15,000 provided. Up to 50% of a project’s total costs are eligible, provided other program requrements are met. Industrial and commercial projects of any size can apply.

'For more information, please contact Emily McCo:

Phone: 815. 539-7459
Fax: 815.538.7029
Email: EMcConville@MendotaCity.com


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