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All solicitors must register
at the City Clerk’s office.

A fee of $50/day, $250/month and $750/year is charged per person.” License Permit Application

800 Washington Street
Mendota, IL 61342


Al Engel, Building Inspector
(815) 910-9111

James Strouss, Building Code Enforcer
(815) 993-7748

How to Apply
Print a copy of the building permit. Fill the permit out to the best of your ability. Call Building Inspector Engel at 815-910-9111 to schedule an appointment. Mr. Engel will, if warranted, come to the building site to ensure ordinance adherence. Mr. Engel will finish the permit and place the permit at the City Clerk’s office located at 800 Washington Street generally within 48 hours of appointment. Residents may pay and pick up the completed permit at the City Clerk’s office between 7a.m. and 4p.m. Monday through Friday or 8a.m. until noon on Saturdays.

NOTE: In some instances, a Zoning Variance will be necessary. Please print a copy of the Zoning Variance Request and have all adjoining neighbors ‘sign-off’ on the project and return to Building Inspector Engel. Extra time may be necessary.

Info Regarding Construction, Renovations and Permitting

Construction Procedures

Mendota Building Permit

Mendota Building Permit Fees

Mendota Zoning Map

Zoning Variance Request Form

Zoning Regulations

(includes eletricians and plumber)


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