City of Mendota Municipal Code

Hume-Carnegie Museum

Union Depot Railroad Museum

Breaking the Prairie Collection

Amtrak Train Schedule

Special Events & Attractions

Graves-Hume Library


All solicitors must register
at the City Clerk’s office.

A fee of $50/day, $250/month and $750/year is charged per person.” License Permit Application

800 Washington Street
Mendota, IL 61342


Mendota's zoning ordinance is adopted for the purpose of promoting the public health, safety, comfort, morals, convenience, and general welfare; securing adequate natural light, pure air, and safety from fire and other dangers; lessening or avoiding the hazards to persons and damage to property resulting from the accumulation or runoff of storm or flood waters; lessening or avoiding congestion in the public streets and highways; conserving the value of land and buildings throughout the city; and, preserving and enhancing aesthetic values throughout the city.

Zoning map

Zoning Regulations

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