City of Mendota Municipal Code

Hume-Carnegie Museum

Union Depot Railroad Museum

Breaking the Prairie Collection

Amtrak Train Schedule

Special Events & Attractions

Graves-Hume Library


All solicitors must register
at the City Clerk’s office.

A fee of $50/day, $250/month and $750/year is charged per person.” License Permit Application

800 Washington Street
Mendota, IL 61342


Mendota has a Revolving Loan Fund (RLF) program offering an attractive interest rate (currently 5%) with reasonable terms for eligible projects. This loan was established with Community Development Assistance Program (CDAP) funds to spur job creation and/or retention. One full-time equivalent job must be created or retained for every $15,000 provided. Up to 50% of a project’s total costs are eligible, provided other program requrements are met. Industrial and commercial projects of any size can apply.

'For more information, please contact Emily McCo:
Phone: 815. 539-7459
Fax: 815.538.7029
Email: EMcConville@MendotaCity.com


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