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Welcome to Mendota


Mendota is a city in LaSalle County, Illinois, United States, in the

state's north-central region. There are just over 7000 residents in

Mendota. It is part of the Ottawa, IL Micropolitan Statistical Area.

Mendota is located approximately 85 miles west of Chicago, 70

miles east of Moline and 55 miles south of Rockford.


It is a strategically vital contributor to the economy of Northern
Illinois, and a place where small town values adapt to change while
accommodating the diverse cultures and needs. 

Mendota is derived from the word meaning "Crossing of Trails." It came into being because of a meeting of railroads. Mendota was established in 1853 and from that date until well into the 20th Century, the iron horse that rode on rails dominated Mendota's development. Today Mendota still has a strong rail presence with many trains transporting goods and being an Amtrak stop. The strength of Mendota, as always, rests with its people: people who care and reflect the beliefs of their forefathers in the community.

In the fall of 2022, volunteers from Reimagine Mendota, as part of a Community Heart and Soul grant, interviewed almost 25% of the population to determine what they like about Mendota. Representing various ages, races, and socioeconomics the data was collected and combined into value statements. The following statements represent what residents of Mendota like and care about when it comes to living, working, and playing in Mendota.

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