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Garbage, Recycling, and Yard Waste

Republic Services currently holds the residential contract for garbage/recycling/yard waste bag removal in the City of Mendota. Residents are charged $17.15 per month for these services. This charge is reflected on your utility bill.

Garbage schedules can be picked up at the City Clerk's Office or download here


Residents are provided with a 95-gallon garbage cart (black lid) and a 95-gallon cart (light blue lid).

Garbage pickup is weekly while recycling pickup is bi-weekly. 


  • Garbage stickers can be purchased for $1.75 per sticker at the City Clerk's Office. One sticker can be placed on each additional garbage bag needed to be picked up beyond what can fit in the carts. 

  • Additional garbage/recycling carts can be rented and paid for through Republic Services for a fee. This is seperate from your city service and will be billed directly from Republic Services. Please contact Republic Services at 815-804-3004.


  • Items Accepted: Kitchen waste, paper products, non-recyclable packaging, mixed paper and other odds and ends. All waste must be contained in provided cart.

  • Items not accepted: are loose trash, dirt, stone, rocks, hazardous materials, liquids, yard waste mixed with garbage, large auto and truck parts, tires, televisions, computers and other electronics, kitchen and laundry supplies, paint, engine and machine oils.


Republic Services will pick up one bulk item per week. Additional bulk items must have a sticker which can be purchased for $2.75 each at the City Clerk's Office.
Bulk items consists of things such as:

  • a piece of furniture

  • mattress/box spring (must be wrapped and taped with plastic)

  • carpeting (cut into 2ft lengths and tied). 


NEWSPAPER/MIXED PAPER- Anything that comes in the newspaper.

Magazines/telephone books/catalogs/junk mail/envelopes. Brown paper

grocery bags. Typing, computer printout paper, note paper. Frozen food

trays and boxes. Chipboard, i.e. cereal boxes (liner removed). Gift boxes,

small boxes (unwaxed), paper tubes. Corrugated boxes. (Please remove

packing peanuts and all plastic materials from shipping boxes) Wet strength

carrier stock. Office paper, school paper, annual reports. MLS books, NCR

forms (Please remove plastic covers and steel binders from all office paper/files)

ALUMINUM CANS- Please rinse, and if possible, flatten aluminum foil and pie



TIN/STEEL and BI-METAL CANS- Cookie tins or other decorative food tins.

Empty aerosol cans. Please remove labels. Please rinse, and if possible, flatten.


GLASS BOTTLES AND JARS- Clear, brown, green and blue. Please rinse.

You do not need to remove labels.




WHAT IS NOT ACCEPTED INSIDE YOUR RECYCLING CONTAINER- Plastic bags, sheets, film, Tarps, Motor oil, insecticide or herbicide containers, Styrofoam blocks, Packing peanuts, Expanded foam and clear polystyrene (#6 plastic), Food-covered items, Food waste, Waxed paper, Wax cardboard, Fabrics, Wood,Tissue paper, Carbon paper, Hard cover books, Paper towels, Paper plates, Pots and Pans, Wire, Toys, Greasy pizza boxes, Aluminum siding, Window glass or mirrors, Ceramics or Pyrex dishes, Light bulbs.


There will be no curbside garbage pick-up on New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving or Christmas Day. When your pick-up falls on or after one of these holidays, your pick-up will be one day late during that week.

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