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Community Living

Our small town is home to many businesses, services, and opportunities. 
Together we make this the World's Greatest Little City. Enjoy!


Mendota has a variety of large and small businesses, from manufacturing to retail.

For a listing, visit the Mendota Area Chamber of Commerce to view their membership business directory.  


Schools are organized by grades, and not neighborhoods. Mendota is also represented by two school districts. The Mendota High School is in District #280 and the other schools are in District #289.

Schools listed here


The OSF facility in Mendota provides ER, rehab, and other primary doctors and services.

OSF Healthcare. 815-539-7461.

Non-Profit Organizations/Clubs/Volunteer

City Government can do many things, but Mendota thrives from its volunteers and non-profit organizations. This is a great way for people to get to know each other and help its community grow.

For a full listing click here


Other community amenities:

Fitness Facilities

Anytime Fitness. 1317 Memorial Dr. 815-539-8257

Mendota YMCA. 1811 S. 13th Ave. 815-538-2900

Local Newspapers

The Mendota Reporter is printed weekly. Mendota Reporter. 815-539-9496.

News Tribune. 815-220-6935.

Local Radio Stations

WGLC. 100.1 FM click here

Link to other local radio stations click here

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