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Elected Officials

Emily McConville, City Clerk
1404 Ben Mar Ave.

(w) 815-539-7459


Rob Letterly, Treasurer
1714 Peri Dr.


City Council Agendas/Minutes
City Council agendas and minutes can be found here

City Council Members. 
City Council Members are elected every two years.  Download Ward Map here.

1st Ward.

John Hessenberger, Chair-Building and Zoning
1406 Hillcrest Dr.  (h) 815-539-9934

Jim Fitzpatick, Chair-Public Works
807 Pennsylvania Ave.  (h) 815-343-0735



2nd Ward.

John Holland, Chair-Finance
902 West Lawn Ave. (h) 815-528-5367


Leo Hochstatter, Vice Chair-Public Safety
1102 S. Park Ave.  (c) 630-841-1315


3rd Ward.

Kyle Kim, Chair-Public Safety, Civic Center liason
504 1st Ave. (h) 815-538-2414


Jay Miller, (Chair Licenses), Vice-Chair, Building and Zoning, Civic Center Laison
702 1st Ave.  (c) 757-412-9374

4th Ward.

Mark Peasley, Vice Chair-Public Works
211 Cedar Ave.  (c) 815-252-7243

Vicki Johnson, 4th Ward, Vice-Chair Finance
206 9th St.  (c) 815-910-0816

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JIm f.png
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Vicki j.png
John Holland.png
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David Boelk, Mayor
803 Meadowview Dr.

(h) 815-538-3924  (w) 815-539-7459

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